Oink, baa, moo are sounds most kids know. Kids seem to love animals. They like to learn about unfamiliar animals. A zoo is one place to see animals and discover new things about them. Some zoos even have a petting area.

A farm is a super place to meet animals up close and personal. Since a working farm is “real life,” it is a great option for learning about farm animals. If you have a friend who lives in the country, maybe they will let you visit. It is great fun to collect eggs, bottle feed calves, throw scratch feed to the chickens, or watch the goats play. I live on a farm and our animals are always fun to watch. Our geese like to chase us when we are outside.

Try using a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the farm and zoo. This is really fun to do after visiting both. If you cannot visit them in person, visit a virtual zoo and a virtual farm. There are many virtual sites on the Internet.

Sing songs about farm animals and watch educational farm animal videos. Have your kids try to make up their own farm animal songs.

Zoo and Farm Fun
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