Oh the joy in our house with the first couple of months of a new year… Birthday’s galore, homeschooling co-ops starting up again, dance and gymnastic programs with the town’s parks and rec department about to begin again, and we all decide that it’s just too darn cold out.

Somehow the joy of winter sports has work out it’s welcome in the face of cold fingers and cold toes. Wet mittens are not fun to anyone, and your average six year old can be pretty vocal about that.

In the face of being that cold we have hauled out our crock pot, a bag of beans, assorted vegetables and of course the hot cocoa.

Somewhere in the mix of all this it ends up with brownie batter on a happy girl’s nose and a need for mom to run another load of laundry as chocolate batter is far messier than bean soup in the crock pot.

But a happy kid? Yeah – I have it, especially as she got to learn about weights and measures with the digital scale and mixing things up herself.

So January/February – not so bad, and if you find enough inside activities, you can forget about the blustery weather making it unfit to go outside in.

If you live in a colder climate, what are some of your favorite ways to stay warm and active this time of year?

Winter activities and warmth

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