What do eating, breathing, and staying healthy have to do with the Amazon Rain Forest? Give up? The Amazon Rain Forest has been described as the “Lungs of our Planet” because it is continuously recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen. More than 20 percent of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon Rain Forest. This South American jewel is so fun to learn about.

At least 80% of the food we now eat started in the tropical rain forest. Fruits like avocados, coconuts, figs, oranges, lemons, grapefruit, bananas, guavas, pineapples, mangos and tomatoes; vegetables including corn, potatoes, rice, winter squash and yams; spices like black pepper, cayenne, chocolate, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, sugar cane, turmeric, coffee and vanilla and nuts including Brazil nuts and cashews all come from the wonderful and amazing Amazon rain forest.

There are at least 121 prescription drugs that come from plant-derived sources. Of those 121, 25% come from rain forest ingredients. However, scientists have tested less than 1% of the tropical trees and plants, so more cures are most likely hiding in the rain forest.

Explore the amazing Amazon Rain Forest habitat with your child today and discover everything it has to offer the world.

The Rainforest
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