So it’s the big day – first day of First Grade… and you are wondering “How did I get here?”

Relax, it’s not as bad as last year, waving your little one off on the bus and then going inside your house or car to grab a tissue and hope that your child didn’t see you cry because he or she is growing up far faster than you are ready for.

Instead it’s time to plan on what you are going to do for when your little one gets home from first grade for the first time. Now is a great time to start whatever traditions you will be having for your child’s end of day for potentially the rest of their K-12 education.

So, lets see – on the theme of 1 for 1st grade… we can look at the following…

Home made cheese crackers and shapes of cheese that you shaped into the number 1 with a cookie cutter – this might be a little over the top and Martha Stewart like, but if you get your child into the habit of a healthy snack at the end of the school day vs raiding the house for cookies, you will have a healthier child in the long run.

Asking questions about what sort of things your child did that day… Math, Science, History, Art… if you let your little one unwind at his or her own pace you may find your ear gets filled with all sorts of wonderful things he or she learned during the day.

The First Day Blues

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