It’s the dog days of summer and this is my last post before getting back into the school year swing.
So – last entry we focused on water safety.  Very important – because who wants to be baked or over hydrated?
This time we’ll focus on the first harvests.  This is a great time for visiting a local farmer who is growing a field full of wheat or oats.  Odds are he’s brought in his first harvest.  If he’s raising oats, a great activity is to take some of those raw oats and process them yourself with your child.  Obviously this is a parent intensive activity.  So – harvest those oats and then get them on ice fast, or in the dehydrator as they go rancid fast.    Next thing is to make some oatmeal from your freshly harvested oats and use this to reinforce to your little one the whole earth life cycle, and where real fresh food comes from.  Organic is always preferred, but it is your call as a parent.
1/2 Cup raw whole oats , soaked overnight in pure water to cover.
1/4 Cup almonds, soaked overnight in pure water to cover.
2 figs or 2 pitted dates, soaked in 1/2 cup pure water overnight.
1/2 banana
dash of cinnamon
In the morning, drain and discard water from oats and almonds. Rinse almonds. Put oats, almonds, fruit and fruit soak water in blender and blend until fairly smooth. Add banana and cinnamon and blend quickly. Warm in microwave to taste… but be careful of hot spots.  Serves 1. Eat immediately.  To increase portions simply double the recipe.
The Beginning of Harvest Season

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