One of my favorite activities from first grade that I remember all these many years past (no I’ll not share how many years – shhhh you..) is learning about Tall Tales. It’s something I am having fun with as my child covers it in her first grade curriculum as well.

  • Paul Bunyon
  • Johnny Appleseed
  • John Henrey
  • Pecos Bill
  • Davy Crocket

These are just a few names to list that I remember still, and have had fun with as my own child is learning about them. So to go along with what the teacher has covered we’re doing our own home study on some of these, reinforcing what the school has taught too.

Who knew the library would cover so many versions of Paul Bunyon and his Big Blue Ox named Babe? I think any community that is in an area that has loggers still has the children filled with tales of his feats, although I  discovered that the first known stories published of him came from my own home county in Michigan, and the local paper “Oscoda County Press” in August on 1906… Sadly there is no proven history of his tales being told before James MacGillvray’s story “The Round River Drive” outside of this in 1910.

Each community and region has it’s own local hero’s however… folks who are the basis of legend that becomes a tall tale… What does yours have?

Tall Tales and Local Legends

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