So rolling back to the holiday season, my six year old asked me for a Chia Pet.

To which I tried very hard to not roll my eyes.

But a Chia pet she got, and then forgot about. Mama didn’t however. So we’re going to get out her Chia Pet and follow the instructions, and when we have growth – which should be right after the spring Equinox, we will have a green, furry, crazy shape of something. Forget what the box says it’s supposed to be, I am not sure what this shape is that I’m supposed to put the seedy paste all over.

As long as I don’t have to chant “it rubs the lotion on the skin, or else it gets the hose again”* while I am doing it, or she is doing it, we’ll be all good.

Along side that we’ll start our tomato’s – Cherry and Grape Tomatos are always a favorite with my four year old, getting them ready to go into their upside down planters once they are big enough, and then the old saw of planting marigold seeds in a milk carton. We have potting soil left over from last year, and little window box gardens are always appreciated.

*Quote attributed to the creepiest role the actor Ted Levine has ever played – Bufallo Bill the Silence of the Lambs.

Spring is a Springing

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