Why homeschool, why not let a public school handle my child’s education?

There are days where I feel like I am parenting a Mexican Jumping Bean… inside this little legume is a worm that when it gets warm enough will start bouncing and dancing frenetically.

As a Homeschooling mother it’s pretty much my job to get her to work on her schoolwork, guide her where I know she’s going to have trouble and praise her liberally. All these things I do with love and ease (most of the time) and when she’s done with her assigned work (today was three math assignments) let her have time to blow steam doing a myriad of things. This is usually done in conjunction with trying to work from home on my Doula business, keeping house, working out meals that are fast and healthy (thank you grandma for your recipe box that I’m going through to organize and scan) and of course wash/fold the sacks of laundry that never end.

Is it worth it?

Oh every minute of it.

She’s been backed up on her online schoolwork as we’ve been doing printables and other projects, so today I sat with her while she did three math units over at Time4Learning. She did well, neither struggling nor breezing through, but instead learning – absorbing – discovering things she already new to be used in different ways, and she had fun.

Would I put her in public school if I had to do it all over again?

I don’t think so. She is learning what all first graders should know, just doing it in an environment that is more conducive to her retention, and personalized to her needs. This creates a well rounded little girl with a love for learning that almost rivals her love of Ballet. I’d say that’s a win for everyone involved, and reason enough to keep homeschooling despite her having moments of being a jumping bean.

So here I am with a first grader, and we opted to homeschool…

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