There are strong odds you have a child either about to finish kindergarten and enter first grade, or your child is ending first grade… or if you work on a Jan to Dec schedule this may not apply.

Presumptively for most of the population in the northern hemisphere that is reading this, school is about to let out until September. Now is a great time to evaluate your child’s readyness to go on to the first grade. In first grade the attention span is expected to be a bit longer, the reading skills have been prepared, and depending on the school and region you are in – your child might be reading simple books independently. To that I say BRAVO!

It’s also a great time to look into any Parks and Recreation programs that your town might provide… for a low fee in our town my first grader can fill her plate with art, dance, gymnastics, sports – whatever her heart desires and she wants to focus on – or we as parents want to strengthen. Summertime registration is likely happening soon, so be watchful in the local paper, or with any announcements that might be sent home from school. Alternately – if your town has one, look up their Parks and Recreation department on the web page.

Prepping for the Next Level and Summer Programs

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