Oh Heavens! Your six year old just lost a tooth! The Toothfairy is an icon that most kids are very familiar with, based on exposure from television, books or just to other kids who have lost their teeth.

So – what order are they going to continue to come out in. Well odds are that they are going to continue to fall out in the order that they came in at. This is a great time to break out that baby book that you kept (or parenting journal) and share with your child about when his or her teeth first came in. Tell stories based on it for bed time, and of course maybe make up a little tooth bag of felt and ribbon for the tooth fairy to collect the tooth from.

I have to caution you, whatever gift the tooth fairy leaves, this will be expected to be repeated at the same level or improved upon for the teeth that follow – not only for this child but for any children you might have that follow… therefore I strongly advise whatever you do, don’t break the piggy bank. When I was a child I received a quarter under my pillow, and my own daughter thought a shiny fifty-cent piece was just awesome. A trip to your local bank can probably help reveal coins like this – a half dollar, Susan B Anthony, or some other unique currency will work and be special, but does not have to be in a large demomination. Have fun and please, share with us some of the things you do as the Tooth Fairy.

Paging the Tooth Fairy

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