Can you believe it – if you follow a conventional school year starting in September, odds are that by now you have passed 100 days of school.

So what lessons have you worked with your first grader on for 100 days of school? This is a great way to work with reading comprehension, math, and hey spelling falls in just as easily wrapped into every lesson.

For our family, teaching about one hundred was easy – many of my first grader’s great great aunts have lived (or are still living) to one hundred years of age. It is something she can comprehend easily, so discussions about one hundred years in comparison to one hundred days are easily made. We can compare and contrast, and then move on to other ideas of discussing the sum of One Hundred…

Math becomes fun when you use an old game of Kerplunk – where you have one hundred little sticks and one hundred marbles… how many sticks can support that many marbles before something falls through? Ta Da – you are now teaching Ratio’s. We did this when I was a child, as my own grandmother taught elementary school, and it’s a fun game to play now with my own first grader. I am actually looking at the very same Kerplunk toy now that I learned ratio’s with while playing with my grandmother – who coincidentally almost lived to one hundred too.

So – what do you do to teach One Hundred and what neat things do you use in your teaching processes? I’d love to see what you have to say.

One Hundred Days of School

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