It is always refreshing to know that something fun is also something good for you. Music is that something fun. If your child’s homeschool learning style includes kinesthetic activities, then music and movement fit right in.

Research has shown the benefits of music include improved reading and reasoning ability, self-esteem, and the increased benefit of finding a good job later in life. Research at the University of California, Irvine, found that young children involved in consistent music instruction have a greater ability to grasp concepts that are also essential to the understanding of math and science.

First-graders sing songs with repetitive words and melody patterns, like nursery rhymes and folk songs. Many love to sing alone or in a group. Movement is also a biggie for them. It shows they understand rhythm, beat, and the “feeling” of music. They like to skip, hop, march, clap, tiptoe, and step to the beat. They even enjoy making up hand movements to go along with songs.

Music and Movement
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