And of course we’re filled with all sorts of ideas for it around here. It’s a great time to make things for with your kids for their mom’s if you are a teacher, and get through their little minds that yes Mother’s do have many jobs in the act of being “Mom”

There are some wonderful books out there to work with your students on… “Are you my mother?” by PD Eastman is a favorite, and is surprisingly available in Kindle format too. The story follows a little bird in his confusion who is attempting to imprint but can’t on a cow, an airplane, steam shovel, dog, and eventually in a happy reveal, his actual Mama Bird. A fun read indeed, and my own first grader will sit with it for hours reading and re-reading happily to her cat, dog, brother, aunts and uncles as well as myself – her own mother.

This is a great time to break out the construction paper and crayons for a child to work on their own mothers day cards as well, and if you’ve been growing Marigolds in Milk Cartons with your students – no time like the present to send those flowers home with your students and home made cards with a tracing of their hand, the date, and a big I love you Mom on the card!

Mothers Day is around the corner.

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