Baby it’s HOT outside!

Mid July brings us some really hot days, coupled with kids getting antsy to get out and do… so my suggestion? Hit the water – whether a local stream, river, pond, pool, water park, lake or ocean, and cool off.

Before you do however there are some things to keep clearly in mind for your day of fun in the sun and water…

  • Watch your child like a hawk. It takes no time to drown, and the simple precaution of keeping a sharp eye on your child or children will help prevent a major tragedy that you might not ever recover from.
  • Keep your water exposure appropriate to your swimmers level. It’s not expected that your little one is going to be at the skill level of an Olympic swimmer… so don’t put the child at risk with an activity that they may not be ready for.
  • Dress appropriately – if you don’t intend to actually swim, but to play in a lazy river or stream – or even your water hose in your yard… remember that water intensifies the UV rays. A tshirt that is UV treated can be worn with no loss to your child’s burgeoning ‘coolness’ and self awareness in this manner.
  • Sunscreen – along with the aforementioned tshirt, this is crucial.
  • Lifeguard – if you are at a facility that provides one, don’t swim unless he or she is on duty.
  • Watch out for Broken Glass – this works almost everywhere, and even should be observed at waterparks and swimming pools. No one wants to step on something sharp and pokey. It stinks. Swimming shoes/boat shoes are a great foot protector in this situation. Lakes and streams have rocks that can hide things – whether broken glass, torn cans or sharp and pointy rocks. Teach your little ones to be on the look out for these.
  • If you go out on any sort of watercraft, make sure that life-jackets are worn. A simple little vest of this sort is a lifesaver and can help avoid tragedy.

With a little bit of awareness ahead of time, a day of play with water can be an awesome thing.

Mid July and it’s HOT out!

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