Sometimes you just have to let go and look at your kiddo and let them lead you. Today is one of those days.

I could write something witty but there is part of me that wants to scream “May Day!” and then I realize hey – it’s the first of May, so that’s entirely appropriate.

May is new beginnings, flowers blooming, the trees finally are getting to wake up those buds and they are growing, and what do you know, it’s time to see what new mischeif we can do learning outdoors.

A big favorite for me is to take a field guide and identify what newly budding plants in the wild are edible, and what are toxic. After having an incident a couple of years ago with my daughter eating acorns (she mixed them into her ice cream) and becoming very sick from it, we decided that teaching early what was poisonous and what wasn’t was a good idea… and as such have been avidly watching for things to bloom to teach my little first grader what she can and can’t safely eat from the out of doors.

Incidentally – the Indigenous peoples of the North American continent did actually eat acorns, but they had a preparation process to make the acorns not toxic to eat. Come fall we will revisit acorns, but include what we do to keep them safe for comsumption.

May Day!

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