When I was little, I was one of those kids who HATED math. By the time I arrived in junior high, I suffered from  math anxiety, or so my teacher told my parents. I tend to agree with him, but only because I was never taught math in a way that matched my learning style. Back in the day, learning styles was never mentioned. The teacher taught his students in the way he learned best. Sadly, many teachers still teach this way.

I am a math visual learner. Is your child a visual learner? Charts, graphs, colors, computer animation…are great ways to reach your visual learner while teaching homeschool math. Math games are another great option. I know the pressure I felt while trying to learn math could have been lessened if I had been able to play fun math games. Math anxiety might not end totally, but I bet you will see a decrease in the overall anxiety level of your child.

Math Anxiety

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