Dancing raisins, exploding volcanoes, shelless eggs, glowing pickles, balloon rockets, mystery ink…

Do I have your attention yet? First grade homeschool science rocks. You and your kids can do fun science experiments right in your very own kitchen. You do not need expensive equipment or fancy ingredients; you just need a natural curiosity for how things work and a love for learning. Oh, you might need protective clothing, just in case!

Here is one experiment to get you started:

Peppy Pepper

If you spill the pepper, don’t sneeze! Here is a neat way to pick it up. Pour some salt and pepper into a shallow bowl and mix them together. Place the scooping end of plastic spoon (with the bottom down) over the salt and pepper. The spoon must be close to the salt

and pepper, but not touching. Then take the same spoon and rub it on a wool cloth while you slowly count to 20. Now watch what happens when you hold the spoon over the salt and pepper again. Look underneath. The reason this happens is static electricity. Like a magnet, the spoon lifts the light pieces of pepper. It can sometimes pick up the heavier salt grains if you put the spoon really close. Like most static experiments, this will work better on dry days.

Kitchen Science
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