We have talked about games once before, so we can agree that playing is important for kids (and adults!). Kids need a creative outlet just like adults. It is important to keep your mind and body active year round. It is a good idea to play outside for at least one hour a day. Sometimes the weather is not nice enough to go outside to play, but don’t let that stop you. Do not head to the DS or Wii just yet.

Here are some fun indoor games you and your kids might enjoy.

The Forbidden Letter

The idea of this game is to see how many sentences can be spoken without containing a certain letter, which has been agreed on.

For example, the letter “f” is the forbidden letter.  The first player might ask — “Is this a new game to you?”

The second player could answer — “Oh, no! I played it years ago.”

They would perhaps turn to the third player, and ask —  “You remember it, don’t you?”

The third player might answer —”Yes; but we used to play it differently.”

This player, having used a word with an “f” in it, is out of the game.

The answers should be given quickly, without hesitation, and the player who avoids for the greatest length of time using a word containing the forbidden letter wins the game.

Diamond Ring

The players sit in a circle with their hands placed palm to palm.

One of the players is chosen to act the part of the maid. She takes a ring between her palms, which she keeps flat together in the same way as the rest of the players.

She then visits each person and places her hands between the palms of each of them, so that she is able to slip the ring into some one’s hands without the others knowing. When she has visited each, she touches one player, and says:

“My lady’s lost her diamond ring;

I need you to find it.”

The child touched must then guess who has the ring. If she guess correctly, she becomes the maid. They will get three tries to guess correctly; if they are wrong then they are out of the game and the maid will then touch someone else and repeat the two lines given above.

Buff Says Baff

This is a game that tests composure – players repeating a rhyme have to do it without smiling or laughing!

All the players, except one, sit in a row or half circle. One goes out of the room and returns with a nerf noodle in his hand, and a very grave and solemn face. He is supposed to have just returned from a visit to Buff.

The first player asks him: “Where do you come from?”

“From Buff.”

The next asks: “Did he say anything to you?”

To which the reply is:

“Buff said ‘Baff,’
And gave me this staff,
Telling me neither to smile nor to laugh.
Buff says ‘Baff,’ to all his men,
And I say ‘Baff’ to you again.
And he neither laughs nor smiles,
In spite of all your cunning wiles,
But carries his face with a very good grace,
And passes his staff to the very next place.”

If he can repeat all this without laughing, he delivers up his ‘staff’ to someone else, and takes his seat. If he laughs, or even smiles – he pays a forfeit

Indoor Games
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