Reading, spelling, and vocabulary are so important to all students, especially first graders. Laying a good, strong foundation paves the way for a smoother learning experience in the upper grades.

Spelling games make learning spelling rules so much more fun. When a child is having fun, the learning comes easier and is retained much better. This is true for learning to read and growing your vocabulary. Vocabulary games take the boredom out of learning the meanings of words and how to use them. Vocabulary matching worksheets can even be turned into a game. Cut the words apart from the meanings and have your child paste the meaning next to the correct word. Put the worksheet on a piece of foam or something that can handle push pins. Put a push pin beside each word and definition. Have your child wrap yarn matching the word and definition. I find using different colors of yarn makes it easier to see your child’s answer.

These are just a few examples of ways to make learning vocabulary more fun in first grade.

Homeschool Vocabulary Games

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