Have you ever had a perfect homeschool lesson prepared and in the middle of the lesson you realize your child just doesn’t get it? How could they miss it? You know it sure wasn’t the fault of the lesson plan, right? I bet your child is simply not paying attention. This has become a habit you intend to break.

Woah! It might not be your child. Unfortunately, even the most perfect homeschool lesson plan can go awry. How can that happen? Everyone is unique as you know, and that goes for the way they learn and teach. Your teaching style might not match your child’s homeschool learning style.

There are seven major learning styles. It is advisable to find yours and your child’s homeschool learning style so you can adapt the way you impart information to your child. If your child is very hands-on, perhaps homeschool lapbooking writing will appeal to them. If they are visual, online computer lessons might be just the ticket. Most people are a combination of a few learning styles, but one will be dominant.

Homeschool Learning Styles

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