Elementary homeschool science can be very fun and very hands-on with a little help from us.

Vegetables are not always a kids favorite food choice. To combat that problem invite your kids to help you plan a small garden area. Let them help you choose the plants to grow, plant them, water them, weed the garden, pick the produce, clean the produce, cook the plants, and finally enjoy eating them.

Have the kids draw a picture of each seed and of the plant as it grows. Make sure they date the pictures so they can track the progress. Experiment with water and shade on a few plants so your child grasps the importance of water and sunshine in growing plants.

When harvest arrives, challenge your kids to plan a snack or lunch with as many of their home grown vegetables and fruits as possible. ┬áThis is also a good time to study food webs. Food webs show how food chains are built linking the sun, plants, and animals as energy sources and/or users. Add a little art fun into the mix and have the kids create art using the vegetables. Cut rings from a bell pepper and use as a stamp, use an asparagus as a paint brush, use corn on the cob as a roller brush…just be creative and have fun.

Growing Our Food

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