We all want our kids to be good readers. A fluent reader is one who has the ability to read text with speed, accuracy, and proper expression. Fluent readers are able to recognize words automatically, read out loud easily with expression, do not have to decode words, and can focus on the meaning of what they are reading.

Fluency will not make your child comprehend any better, but a fluent reader usually has better comprehension because they do not constantly stop to decode words, thus forget what they were reading.

There are three main components of reading fluency:

  • Accuracy: Also known as automaticity‚Ķthe person’s ability to read words in a text.
  • Rate: The speed a person reads.
  • Prosody: Refers to stress, intonation, and pauses. Commonly known as “reading with feeling or emotion”.

To help your child become a fluent reader, model fluency for him, use guided oral reading, give him chances to practice and perform.

Reading Fluency
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