We’ve already passed Ground Hog Day – but there is so much more to see in February!
Today of course is Susan B. Anthony ‘s birthday, but there are some other days to observe with your first grader in the month of February.
  • Feb. 17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day (take your kids to the mall and have them help a stranger – with your supervision of course)
  • Feb. 21 – President’s Day – There are tons of printables and videos available both online and at the library for assisting in teaching this.
  • Feb. 23 – International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day – Make a dog out of a dog biscuit with some wiggeley eyes and felt, or get things together and make home-made dog biscuits for your own puppy… the potential is limitless and its a great way to reinforce your child’s involvement with his or her pet’s care.
  • Feb. 26  – Pony Express Rider William F. Cody born, 1864  – he was a wonderful character I remember reading about as a child and being entranced with.  Your public library probably has a lot available on the man.
  • Feb. 27 –  International Polar Bear Day – make a pompom polarbear from white yarn, read about polarbears on the net or at the library, or find a DVD or youtube video of polar bears…
All these things can be included into any first grade curriculum to add both fun and educational value into what your student is learning.  After all, if you can grab their interest, you have the doorway to their mind open.
February has so much fun within it…

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