I bet you have been known to say to your kids, “Go play!” You might tell them to go play because you are busy and need a break; however, you are actually doing something wonderful for your child. Free play is so very important in cultivating your creativity and imagination. It also helps expand your intellectual, emotional, and social skills.

When I say free play, I mean the kind of play where your child has no rules to follow. They might pick up your old purse, a pair of your high heel shoes, and some items around the house and pretend to be out shopping. Free play is very different from structured play like organized sports, or even a board game. Unstructured child’s play, the kind with no rules, goes a long way developmentally. Homeschooling is perfect for allowing your child time to be just that, a child.

Play helps us stay calm and relaxed, and play stimulates our brain and body. Playfulness helps us be more inventive, smart, happy, flexible, and resilient. Play is the way that children work out their emotional issues, their fears, and their anxieties. So do your child a favor and tell them to go play!

Creative Play
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