Today in 1872 Yellowstone National Park was establish as a national park.

What a great thing to teach your child! History, adventure, romance, science, math, whoops – some of those things might not grab a small child’s attention like others.

But today we will do the following here with our first grader!

Look up Yellowstone Park in Google Earth, and learn about the mountains and how they were made. This should lead to study about volcano’s, and that it’s a giant caldera. If it hasn’t frightened my kiddo too much we’ll go on to learn about geysers, and tie that back in to the volcano’s…

Couple it with some National Geographic videos from the internet, and library, plus some Youtube… and then we’ll move on to the construction paper and glue portion of the lesson, sneaking in some spelling and vocabulary as we create our own park and label trees, volcano’s, roads, mountains and rivers, and maybe make some pipe-cleaner animals.

For cooking we may make some trail mix, (thank you Alton Brown) and learn about hiking safety, and out-doors survival, playing a game of what do you do when… while hiding under the couch cushions and blankets made into a tent. After our virtual trip to Yellowstone, while I sit and sip a cup of tea with my feet up on the coffee table and the couch cushions put away, we may wind up with some pictures from family members trips to Yellowstone and have my first grader tell me about the things she’s learned with those pictures.

Hey – it’s too cold to go there physically right now, but a virtual trip always has room for limitless adventure.

Creating a National Park

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