The signs for them are everywhere, from your local big box mega-mart, to your office supply store, to your local pharmacy.  It’s time to stock up for the year ahead and if your little one is just going into first grade it’s time to consider what supplies your child needs.
First and foremost – get your child a backpack that is comfortable.  Included in it should be a clear pencil bag.  Not for pencils though… no this one is for the homework records and other school notices your child’s teacher may send home to have signed and returned.  A quick request to see the bag nightly will help you keep informed if your child’s teacher is trying to communicate with you.  There is no guarantee your child will put said notices in it at school, but there will at least be a regular space, seperate from everything else for these critical notices.

  • A box of # 2 Pencils
  • A box of 24 – Crayons
  • A small package of Glue Sticks
  • Tissues (we get the purse packs so the backpack isn’t overwhelmed.)
  • A large eraser, pink, blue, whatever color… (unless indicated by the school otherwise, color doesn’t matter, simply that it fits comfortably in your student’s hands)
  • Broad Tip Markers (water soluable)
  • Student Scissors
  • A Pencil Case to keep most of this in… (not to be confused with the one that notes from the school will come home in)
  • One Wide-Ruled Spiral Bound Notebook
  • An assortment of Pocket Folders
  • Pencil Crayons (we get a dozen of the erasable ones, it makes things much easier on our little one’s hand.)

With this list in hand and of course having hit all the great back to school sales for clothing, your little first grader will be well prepared.

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