Did you know that apples and roses are kin to each other? Apples belong to the Rose family of plants. In the 1800’s Johnny Appleseed, John Chapman, wanted to help settlers have food, so he walked barefoot across 100,000 square miles planting apple trees along the way.

A fun way to learn about apples is to take a day trip to an apple orchard. If you don’t have an apple orchard nearby, go on a virtual trip.

Here are some things to do while at the apple orchard and back at home:

  1. Pick different apple verities at the orchard
  2. Count how many apples you pick
  3. Predict how many apples are on the tree that they are going to pick from
  4. Wash the apples they pick
  5. Sort the apples they pick according to size and shape
  6. Graph the apples they sort
  7. Eat a picnic lunch at the orchard under an apple tree if possible
  8. Tour the orchard facilities
  9. Press apples in hand operated cider mill
  10. Take pictures of your day and print them out. Have your child sequence your day according to the pictures.
  11. Make a recipe using apples
Apple Time
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