So here we are – it’s the first week of April

  • Week 1 Read a Road Map Week.
  • Week 2 Garden Week

So looking at week 1, Read a Road Map Week..  We have some great opportunities here.  Did you take a family vacation that your little one found particularly memorable?  Was it a road trip – or do you have a vacation planned and in the face of the TSA’s memorable 2010-2011 xray and really friendly pat down procedures get left with a bad taste in your mouth leading to a new vacation planned without flying?  Maybe you just have a regular route your little one knows to a particular activity…

Either way – this is a great time to teach about reading a roadmap. So haul out that dog eared map (put that GPS away, this is a useful skill your kids will need some day when the GPS has no signal) and go to work! The Map Key itself is a wonderful direction to start, and depending on where you got your map from there might be useful insights about the area that you can read to your child.

Now on to Week 2, Garden Week. Have you killed your Chia Pet or Marigold yet? I am glad to say our Chia is holding out, the Marigolds are coming along, but we may just have to go to the farmers market for our tomato’s this year. I don’t think we’re getting enough light where we want to grow the Tomato’s but my little one is going to make us try… I remain cautiously optimistic, with an emphasis on the cautious part of that phrase.

And at last it starts warming

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