It’s early October and that of course means Fire Safety and learning about Explorers…

So with that in mind we have some talking points for you with your first grader.

  • What could you do to help prevent a fire in your house?
  • Would you like to be a fire fighter?
  • If you found a book of matches, what would you do with it?
  • Have you ever started a fire?
  • Do you touch a lit candle?
  • Where are controlled fires hidden?

This can lead to some great conversations regarding prevention in combination with plotting an escape route for emergency situations.

Alternately while on the same subject – you can discuss the benefits of fire… say cooking? My children love watching Food TV and late last fall, even, Alton Brown did a spot on ‘Sesame Street’ about recipe’s. Fantastic! This can lead into a great opportunity to increase your child’s awareness of nutrition and health.

Moving on to Explorers… Most of my generation were taught about Christopher Columbus and that was it… these days our kids get to learn the following time line preceding and immediately following Christopher Columbus…

  • 499AD Hoei Shin: a Chinese monk who explored the west coast of Mexico.
  • 1000AD Leif Eriksson: a Viking who explored the east coast of North America.
  • 1492AD Christopher Columbus: Italian explorer who sailed to the Americas and claimed them for Spain.
  • 1497AD John Cabot: an Italian explorer who explored the east coast of North America for England.
  • 1499AD Amerigo Vespucci: discovered the continent of South America.

This is all before the 1500’s hit…the list goes on and on and it’s fantastic. Your public library will have information on other explorers in the North America’s from 1500AD on.

Early October Fun!

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